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 How to use our simulator for a work loan?

Have you decided to do work at home and want to borrow money to finance your work?

You will find on our website a very practical tool to give you a very precise idea of ​​the cost, duration, interest rates of your work loan.


Use our work loan simulator

Use our work loan simulator

How does it work? Very simply: follow the few explanations and also watch. Choose in your project: works. Several possibilities are then offered to you: land purchase, insulation, fitted kitchen, carpentry, veranda, roof, etc.

Then specify the amount of the credit: say $ 12,000. You click on the calculate button. The simulator then tells you the amount you should repay and the duration of the credit. You can adjust your request according to the duration or the monthly payment

As soon as you are satisfied with the amounts, you can then send your request.

The second screen gives you a quick overview of your request, including your APR and the total amount of interest paid over the term of the loan. Then fill out the form. Rest assured, this form is only a simulation which does not commit you to anything.

Complete the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk, and to speed up the processing of your file, you can complete the other fields. Do not forget to select “I borrow with another person” or “alone”. In this case, do not forget to complete the information of the co-borrower. Once the mandatory fields have been completed, you click on the next page. If you forget, the field to be completed will be underlined in red.

The third page opens. You notice that no fields are compulsory, you are free to fill them. Fill in the amount of the credit and / or the down payment for example.


The next screen is for your address

The next screen is for your address

Some fields are mandatory, you fill them out. You then go to the next page. Now complete the mandatory fields relating to your professional situation and then click on the next page. In terms of your financial data, only one field is required.

You can then send your request and only then will it be processed. Rest assured: you will only be hired after signing your credit contract, and not before! In case of difficulties, call us, we will complete your request together.

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